Microfinance InstitutionsDigitize your lending operationsReplace manual tedious processes with a digitized operation that lowers origination costs, eliminates human errors and reduces loan approval time.
Easy record keeping, simplified document managementCapture loan application details securely on the cloud, reducing paperwork. Effortlessly store loan records in a centralized location for convenient retrieval, categorizes them based on the loan cycle stage, ensuring easy access and organization.
Increase Loan Repayment, Reduce DefaultDrive high repayment rates by selecting the most suitable collection methods for your customers. Use automated reminders to prompt borrowers for timely repayment.Learn more about collections
Grow Your Revenue with Savings OptionsOffer customers the option to save with you, minimizing credit risk and unlocking an additional revenue channel. Seamlessly manage savings products on a platform connected to your core lending operations.Learn more about savings
Effortlessly Expand Your PortfolioOffer diverse loan products tailored to different customer segments. Customize loan details with minimum and maximum amounts, tenure, interest rates, and more to maximize growth.
Fast, Reliable, and User-FriendlyGet loan officers, collection officers and other entire team up on the software in little or no time. With its simple design, you can focus on growing your portfolio effortlessly, without the need to spend valuable time navigating the software.
Transform into an insight-driven businessAccess 10+ reports that reveal portfolio growth, repayment rate and other metrics important to your business. Leverage these insights to make strategic business decisions that fuel portfolio growth and reduce PAR.
Flexible platform, tailored to serve any kind of microfinance institution.For the fully digitized MFI, scale your digitization journey with application links and borrower’s portal that enables you to reach a larger audience while reducing origination costs. Choose from a range of repayment methods such as debit mandates, debit cards, and wallets to collect payments seamlessly.For MFIs with offline customers, access the option to store your records securely on the cloud. Create loan applications for offline customers with the click of a button and where repayment is primarily cash, update borrower's repayment status on the platform, facilitating smooth reconciliation. Loans are automatically closed once repayment is complete.
Discover Your Growth PartnerContinuously up-to-date with new features, making it easy to remain competitive in the ever-changing lending landscape. Discuss your unique needs with a lending technology specialist.
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