Deposits & SAVINGSOffer savings and deposit accounts your customers will loveEnhance profitability, build deeper customer relationships, and reduce cost of funds.
Leverage in-house data to determine eligibilityDon’t depend solely on third-party data to determine borrowers' eligibility. Create your own savings product and use the insights on a borrower’s saving behaviour to determine the loan amount they qualify for.
Request a demoCreate your own savings product, and use the insights on a borrower's saving behaviour to determine the loan amount they qualify for.
Create a new revenue stream for your businessCreate unique saving products that meet different customer needs, earning additional profits from these products.
Why choose Configure Deposits?
One business, multiple productsCreate different savings products that meet the needs of different customer segments.
Highly customizableAdd unique requirements for each savings product such as minimum balance, interest rate, withdrawal limits, penalties and other terms.
Savings as collateralReduce the risk of default. Use the borrower's savings account balance as a safeguard against default.
Visual representation of savings activitiesCharts and graphs reveal borrowers’ savings activity, making it simpler to decide if they qualify for a loan.
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