Thrift depositsThrift deposits, digitizedEliminate the manual and time-consuming process of managing thrift deposits. Handle everything, from contributions to payouts, on a digital platform that protects your money and gives you the tools you need to grow your thrift business.
Acquire more customers easilyGive customers the option to save with friends and associates. Invited friends automatically sign up for your savings product, giving you more customers with minimal effort.
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Minimize loss and theftEnable members of a savings group to pool funds in a central account, keeping the money safe. Where cash is the primary form of payment, record all transactions digitally and create receipts for each one to encourage transparency.
Record keeping simplifiedTrack the progress of your savings business on tables, graphs and dashboards that reveal insights like new savers, the total amount saved, amount withdrawn and more.
Grow your thrift operationScale your business beyond thrift savings. Get additional tools you need to offer more services like loans to loyal customers and manage them all on one interconnected platform.
  • Secure information storage
  • Savings protection against fraud
  • Automatic savings collection
  • Simple account keeping
Why choose Configure Deposits?
One business, multiple productsCreate different savings products that meet the needs of different customer segments.
Highly customizableAdd unique requirements for each savings product such as minimum balance, interest rate, withdrawal limits, penalties and other terms.
Savings as collateralReduce the risk of default. Use the borrower's savings account balance as a safeguard against default.
Visual representation of savings activitiesCharts and graphs reveal borrowers’ savings activity, making it simpler to decide if they qualify for a loan.
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