Microfinance BanksScalable and flexible core lending software for microfinance banksGain independence and control with our customizable core lending software, increasing efficiency, revenue, and decision-making speed.
Speed up loan decisionsStreamline operations and exceed customer expectations for speed. Manage the entire loan cycle, from origination to collection, in one place, eliminating siloes that delay credit decisions.
Expand into new markets with easeOffer unique loan products to serve different customer segments. Customize loan products with criteria such as tenor, interest rate, and collection method, ensuring they meet market needs.
Save time with automationAutomate low-risk, time-consuming processes like origination, and documentation, empowering your team to focus on complex tasks that require human attention.
Higher loan approvals, less riskDisburse more loans with confidence. Gain a holistic view of borrowers using tools that verify identities, determine creditworthiness, and assess capacity, allowing you to maintain a PAR below 5%.
  • Bank statement tools
  • Identity verification
  • Multiple credit bureaus
  • Blacklist platforms
Improve decisions and business performanceGain insights that reveal portfolio growth rate, collection rate, default rate and other metrics that provide full visibility into the performance of your bank. Leverage these analytics for better portfolio management and to make strategic business decisions.
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