Loan RecoveryAdvanced debt recovery platformArrears Management system gives collection teams a secure platform to manage all debt recovery activities. Manage communication with delinquent accounts, track the progress of collection activities and get insight into agents' activities on one platform.
01Reduce Portfolio at Risk
Loan management software is best for managing the loan portfolio, from origination to collections. They are not uniquely designed to help recovery teams recoup bad loans. Manage all communications with delinquent accounts, track the status of each collection and view the activities of your team on one intuitive platform.
02Increase the effectiveness of collection agents
Assign accounts to collections agents and view the activities performed under each account. Track agents’ activities on dashboards, measuring overall performance and how well each agent is recovering loans assigned to them. Compare each agent’s effectiveness against that of the overall team, getting the insight you need to improve team performance.
03Detailed reporting and analytics
Bad loans are sorted into different categories such as written off, grace period, promise to pay, and so on, making it easy to track their progress and make better recovery decisions.
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