Healthcare LendingComprehensive solution for healthcare lendingGain deep insights into the creditworthiness of patients and the profitability of healthcare facilities that empowers you to extend secure lending to the healthcare sector or seamlessly integrate patient financing into your medical practice, while minimizing risks.
Expand Your ReachExpand services nationwide. Grow portfolio with custom application links, enabling healthcare providers to apply remotely.
Diverse Loan ProductsExpand your portfolio with a range of loan products specific to the needs of diverse customer segments and manage them all easily on one platform, without an additional cost.
Ensure business continuityRetrieve bank statements directly from the bank, minimizing drop-offs or forgery
Easily customizable to your business needsExperience increased productivity on a platform that adapts to your workflow, enabling you to quickly respond to market changes, grow your portfolio, and mitigate risks.
Simplify Eligibility AssessmentQuickly determine the loan amount for medical facilities. Enable borrowers to retrieve and attach bank statements directly from their banks during loan application.
Streamline Collateral ManagementSimplify collateral handling with our comprehensive platform. Consolidate, save, and effortlessly track all assets, in one convenient place.
Increase Healthcare Access and Boost RevenueOffer in-house financing with medical loans for creditworthy patients. Manage the entire process from origination to disbursement in one convenient location.
01Verify patients' identities and determine loan eligibility with creditworthiness tools.
02Optimize collection methods to maximize repayment rates and minimize non-performing loans.
03Access detailed reports on disbursements, repayments, and key metrics for selected time periods.
04Seamlessly integrate with your third-party tools for easy collaboration.
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