Financial ServicesIncrease efficiency with a highly customisable platformOperate faster and scale your operations on a flexible core lending software tailored to your eligibility criteria, risk appetite and business needs.
Faster credit decision timeManage the entire loan cycle, end-to-end on a central platform. Eliminate siloes, automate repetitive processes and disburse more loans in less time, with minimum risk.
Enable customers to apply for a loan on any device, using a custom application link. No loan app required.
Integration into multiple credit bureaus that provide insight into borrowers' creditworthiness
Retrieve bank statements directly from the bank, minimizing drop-offs or forgery
Verify borrowers' identities using multiple verification options
Disburse approved loans instantly, from the platform to borrowers' bank, using one click disbursement.
Minimize default and keep PAR low with a suite of collection features.
01View your portfolio performance with zero stress
Automate the retrieval and compilation of data. Get access to reports that show the performance of your loan portfolio on interactive charts, tables and graphs, saving you hours of manual compilation.
02Faster time to market
Building in-house software is expensive and time-consuming and requires constant maintenance. Choose a fast and efficient core lending platform built by a team of finance and credit experts who understand the lending landscape. Migrate existing data faster and securely and start lending immediately.
03ROI Guaranteed
Quick onboarding and easy-to-use interfaces that speed up adoption Everything needed to manage a portfolio is arranged and sorted according to the stage of the loan cycle, reducing errors and speeding up product adoption
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