Collection AgenciesTurbocharge Your Recovery EffortsBoost your collection rates with streamlined processes, advanced technologies, and customized strategies.
Identity Verification
Elevate your KYC process to the next level. Verify essential details such as IDs and addresses, and assets enabling you to work exclusively with trustworthy borrowers.Request a demo
Eliminate an in-house loan recovery appDeliver exceptional customer experience with a customized application link that allows borrowers to create an account, manage their debt, and interact with your agency from any device.
Improve collection agents' effortsEnjoy a user-friendly interface that enables borrowers to interact with your agents seamlessly. From account management to repayment options, employ features that enhance customer and recovery agents' experience.
Versatile collection methodsChoose the most suitable collection method for your clients. Select from card collections, e-wallets, bank transfers, mobile money, direct debit mandates, and more.Efficient Debt DisbursementFacilitate automated payouts and disbursements securely and promptly using local payment networks or a custom channel of your preference. Handle a higher volume of debt recovery without compromising your operations.
Swift Credit DecisionsManage the entire debt recovery process seamlessly through a flexible and user-friendly debt management system tailored to your risk assessment and eligibility criteria.
Recover with minimal riskUtilize comprehensive reports and analytical tools to evaluate debtors' creditworthiness and ensure their authenticity.
Secure collection of financial dataRetrieve borrower's financial information directly from financial institutions during the loan recovery process or explore the option of manual attachment of PDF bank statements.
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