About Evolve CreditEmpower Financial Inclusion through Innovative Lending SolutionsWe are committed to democratizing financial services with our robust and inclusive platform. We empower both lenders and borrowers, offering a core suite of tools and resources to support their financial aspirations and foster a brighter future.
Our VisionAt Evolve Credit, we're revolutionizing financial management, empowering smarter credit decisions for businesses worldwide. As the global leader in innovative solutions, we enhance credit risk assessment and drive sustainable growth. Join us to shape the future of credit management and be part of something extraordinary.
Our MissionOur mission is to empower businesses with actionable insights and advanced tools for optimal financial management. Through cutting-edge technology, data-driven solutions, and unmatched expertise, we deliver exceptional value to our clients. Together, we drive positive change and unlock the full potential of credit management.
Our Product
Core lending infrastructureConfigure, our flagship product, is a cutting-edge lending solution suite designed to empower lenders with flexibility and customization options for managing loan portfolios. With Configure, lenders gain full control over their lending operations, simplifying loan creation, repayment schedule, and real-time performance tracking.The platform's user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing lenders to efficiently navigate through the loan lifecycle. We designed this core platform to be a flexible and scalable solution, empowering lenders to adapt to changing market dynamics and capitalize on new opportunities.
Configure goes beyond basic loan management, it is the catalyst for growth and transformation, revolutionizing lending practices and paving the way for a brighter future in the financial industry.At Evolve Credit, we are committed to delivering exceptional value through Configure, helping our clients thrive in the competitive financial landscape. With our innovative technology, lenders can unlock new levels of success, boost profitability, and elevate their customer experience.

Consumer Lending

Manage the entire loan cycle end-to-end on one fast, secure and flexible platform.


Consumer Deposits

Offer deposits product to de-risk your lending and deepen customer engagement.


Configure Recovery

Manage, automate and streamline the recovery process on a platform uniquely designed for debt recovery.

Our Story
Our journey began in 2019 with a simple vision: to create a platform to make lending more accessible, affordable, and transparent for everyone. We saw an opportunity to use technology to break down the barriers that had long stood in the way of financial inclusion, and we knew that we had the expertise and experience to make it happen.Since then, we have helped lenders and borrowers connect, providing them with the tools and resources they need to build better financial futures. Our platform, Configure, has made it easier for microfinance players, upstart lenders, and non-bank providers to deploy credit products to manage their loan portfolios, giving borrowers greater visibility and control over their financial lives.
At Evolve Credit, we are committed to positively impacting the world, one personalized banking experience at a time. We believe that access to financial services is a fundamental human right. We are proud to be part of a growing movement to democratize finance and create a more equitable and sustainable economic system.We are proud of what we have accomplished so far, but we know there is always more work to do. We are committed to continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible, and we look forward to helping more financial institutions achieve their financial goals in the years to come.
Meet Our Amazing Team!Welcome to the extraordinary team behind Evolve Credit. We are a passionate group of individuals dedicated to revolutionizing the credit management industry. Together, we bring expertise, innovation, and unwavering commitment to every challenge we encounter. Get acquainted with the talented individuals who drive our success.
Akan NelsonFounder/CEO
Sales, Finance and banking background with pan-African NGOs, Fortune 500 companies, and startup lenders.
Daniel OsineyeCo-founder/CTO
8+ years experience building and shipping web and mobile applications.
Joseph AndrewsGrowth & Partnerships
5+ years of experience managing organizational operations and consulting for Fortune 500 companies.
Olaitan OlaniyiOperations & Compliance
Expert in lending and corporate law, compliance, and regulatory risk.
Opeyemi OsunniyiCredit & Risk Analyst
10+ years in credit and risk, sales, and portfolio management with tier-1 Nigerian microfinance institutions.
Ibukun OyewoProduct Management
4+ years expertise in product development, market research, and product management, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products.
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